Rothschild was founded in 2016 by Belén Rothschild and Juan Pedro Camero, both from Madrid, with the aim of offering brides-to-be and guests at weddings, celebrations and parties the perfect footwear for such special occasions. Each Rothschild bridal shoe is unique and exclusive, enabling every bride to create her ideal personalised footwear and acquire a keepsake that she will treasure for ever.


At Rothschild we follow the latest trends in footwear for the bridal and party-wear fashion sector, based on an elegant, personal and original style. Using our web simulator, customers can view the multiple combinations that Rothschild is able to offer when it comes to designing and personalising their own bridal or party footwear. Their shoe can also be embroidered with the groom’s name, a special phrase or the date of the marriage ceremony.

No two brides will have the same Rothschild footwear, given that their special shoes will come embroidered with the date of the marriage ceremony or the name and surname of the person they are destined to share their life with. Our handmade shoe craftsmen will embroider the name of your choice on your footwear in order to commemorate a truly special occasion.


In order to ensure the quality of our products, all of our footwear creations are handcrafted entirely in Spain, featuring maximum attention to detail at each step of the process, not to mention the use of the very best materials, such as crystal, leather and satin.

At Rothschild we are honoured to form part of your special day, given that our brides, bridesmaids and guests are at the very heart of what we do.