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“A woman with great shoes lives happily ever after”

All Rothschild shoes are designed to be marvellously comfortable, replete with reinforced insole made of the best material on the market, Ecoflor gel, whose memory capacity means that the insole moulds perfectly to the shape of your foot every time you put the shoe on.

Nevertheless, Rothschild recommends that you wear your shoes for ten minutes at least twice before your wedding so that your footwear has a chance to mould to the shape of your feet.

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If you have any doubt or query, you can talk to one of our stylists on the telephone by calling the number 609037214 or send an e-mail to info@rothschildesign.com.

Or if you are from Madrid or the surrounding areas, you may prefer to request an appointment to meet one of our Rothschild stylists in person, so that you can see, touch and try on the shoe of your dreams before you order it via our web site.

We can offer you exclusive assistance in choosing the shoe from our collection that best matches your style and goes perfectly with your dress. During your hour-long consultation, you will receive all of our entire attention and enjoy our expert personalised guidance totally free of charge.

By using this service you have an opportunity to astonish that special person in your life with a shoe that perfectly reflects your taste and personality. Simply send us a few details regarding your style and preferences, accompanied by a photo of your dress, and we shall help you to design a completely exclusive shoe.